Friday, January 12, 2007

W Fable

The Weasel and the Worm

A weasel and a worm were moving about together (“walking” is shorter, but it’s a worm, so…) and talking about their ancestry and the bad rap they’ve gotten because someone at sometime may have done something lowly and why are they still being stereotyped…
“And anyway,” said the weasel, “it makes sense for people to look down on you. You burrow in the ground. And you’re slimy.”
“Oh,” answered the worm, “like you don’t actually pride yourself in getting out of tricky situa-“
Just then they happened upon a bear trap which snapped shut on both of them.
“Oops,” they both said.
“Bad luck,” said the weasel.
“Yeah, well,” answered the worm. “Being a weasel only gets you so far, huh?”
And with that he/she split in half and continued the conversation on his/her new dual own.
(Can a worm be diagnosed as schizophrenic?)

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Anonymous said...

When I read the word "lowly" it made me think of Richard Scarry's books and his little worm lowly. See how the minds works. Granny