Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Madge Monday (cheating, sort of)

Okay, so I'm not making witty observations about what we've done in the past week, though I can tell you that this weekend has been heavily weighted on the girly side. (Ballet and American Girl Store - yay, us.)
But Madge also started drawing and writing a dictionary. She's gotten to the letter "H" but hasn't written anything for that entry yet. Feel free to view the dictionary as it stands in "the Gallery." I'll be updating it whenever she does more. And I'll keep trying to persuade her to let me publish them here. I think they rock.
If you need help deciphering the texts, let me know via a comment here or in Flickr, where the gallery lives, or via email.
I don't you be telling me I'm not available for you. Communicatively, I mean, not emotionally.

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