Thursday, January 18, 2007

cheese again

Rocastin, that's the name of the sheep's brie I had. Full name: Le Berger de Rocastin. (Fromage d'Affinois)
Verdict: sure, why not. But I'm not sure I'd go out of my way for it. Mostly because I tend to overeat on bries (the flavor is just fine, a hint of sheep wrapped in brie creaminess). I have a feeling I'm not the only one.
The problem, of course, is that this kind of cheese doesn't agree with my latent obsessive compulsiveness. In other words, the mere fact that it's a bit runny makes me want to leave the sides neat when I'm done. And, since this is impossible, I'm not truly done until the cheese is gone.
Sometimes I have that problem with ice cream, too, but (un)fortunately it's easier to leave a flat surface in a thing of Ben and Jerry's than it is with a wedge of brie.
A hard cheese, on the other hand, is easier to "manage" in that sense.
There, now you can rest at ease.

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green clementine said...

I'd be interested to know if this is pasteurised cheese or not, and if you get any unpasteurised cheese in the US. I have this image of the farmers syndicate representative José Bové smuggling blue cheese at Seattle. French people tend to think that if Camembert cheese crosses the Atlantic, it has to be pressure-washed with bleach first and stored in an air-tight container.

How far from the truth is this?