Monday, January 22, 2007

Madge Monday and the "Mouse"

Funny how some lines live on. This morning I was trying to get the kids ready and Coco got distracted while getting dressed, meaning he was running around chasing the cat, naked. The cat was wearing his fur, of course.
Madge said, “Coco. It’s time to put the mouse in the house.”
I said, “What?”
She said, “He needs to put the mouse [pointing at his you-know] in the house [holding up the Superman underwear].”
The missing link in this story is, of course, Julie, who considers that line from “Friends” immortal and is doing her best to make it live on.
I wonder when Madge will use this line in public.


Anonymous said...

Let me put the comment into context...when he put on his underwear yesterday, he was laughing about the fact that his "you-know" was poking out the leg - and I pointed out that this is known as needing to put the mouse back in the house. Apparently Madge liked the phrase. Who knew?

Anonymous said...

Pretty cute I wonder when Madge will say this to her boyfriend. Granny

Goedi said...