Friday, January 26, 2007

Silly game update

I went back to the bookshelves of doom blog to check on the status of my comment there and to see if other people left book titles there. Children's books seem to work well (for example, "Pat the Bunny In My Pants").
But just now, telling you about it, I made the same "mistake" I made on yesterday's post: I changed the site's "your" to "my." In other words, their game is actually to say "In Your Pants."
Weird, huh?
I can't help it, but I find the whole thing much funnier as "my" instead of "your." It seems to me to be the difference between mocking yourself and picking on others. Let's use the subtitle of "Oliver Twist" as an example.
I'm simply more inclined to laugh when someone says, "The Parish Boy's Progress In My Pants."
Who's with me on this?

1 comment:

Joseph said...

Heh, I remember you doing this in class... And yeah, I agree with you. It sounds dumb saying it with "your."

Also, on here it says your name is "Goedi," but everywhere else is "Goedicke."


Is that your nickname or something? Or you just don't like the full "dicke" part, so you ripped off the "cke?" ;p