Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The cheese

You never know what people find funny. My favorite cheese guy in the neighborhood, Juan, from Union Market, found this funny.
I asked him where the Vigneron was and he told me that the last piece was on the shelf and he’d reorder some soon. Vigneron, you’ve got to try it if you haven’t. It’s a Swiss cheese. Mild. Good flavor. Nothing biting to it. The marketing sticker says something about a winemaker’s cheese, rubbed in herbs and wine or some such. But not as strongly oenic (winely?) as a drunken goat cheese – more like a happy cow’s cheese (but not la vache qui rit). Anyway, it’s great and I mourn its absence from the cheese-monger’s shelves, though I’m happy I’m the one who caused its absence.
Get it if you can.
I told him that mine was gone because I put too much wine in our New Year’s fondue and had to compensate with whatever was in the fridge (and would match, of course – no string cheese or cheddar). I had planned a lovely Gruyere/Emmental with a touch of Appenzeller, but then I had to use the rest of the Gruyere and more of the Appenzeller and when I was out I had to touch my stash of Vigneron.
Juan thought funny. Perhaps it was in the way I reenacted my cheese panic and ensuing reluctance to part with my baby – I was at the store when his shipment came and he let me and Coco taste it fresh from the box. Even Coco liked it.
I’d have a piece now, but it doesn’t go with one of my resolutions – don’t you love the fresh beginnings of a new year?
I was at the gym tonight, and there was a guy who was one-upping me: he was pedaling a stationary bike AND reading Proust.
But only in English.
And, hah, I’ve just added another resolution. I’ll only do one thing at a time.
If possible.

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