Monday, January 08, 2007

Quick question

I've added a little technological gimmick to my blog, but I'm not sure how people feel about it.
So, hey, please tell me.
Now, when you move your cursor over a link, a preview of the link ought to show up.
As in this example of a link to WWDTM's site.
Do you find this feature,
A) Cool and useful?
B) Annoying?
I am
C) not sure of its use but I can see how some people might enjoy the gimmick, yet I'm not sold on it so I might take it off unless people tell me they like it.
Please respond in the comments (or in an email to me). Your vote counts (and the process is easy, all you have to write is A or B - or C). And if you feel strongly, vote more than once, then your voice counts even more.

1 comment:

Trent said...

B. Annoying. The box is big enough to block what I'm trying to read, but not big enough for me to really see where the link goes. A good litmus test for any new web technology is to go see whether Google uses it.