Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Coco Tuesday (told you I'm cheating)

Coco's got some new work in "The Gallery" too.
What you see here is his impression of Mommy's week away. She told him that she and one of her West-coast work friends cried when they said goodbye.
And what child can't tell you about how odd it is to see your parents crying.
(Just wait a few days and my mom will leave a comment about me, a certain Heintje song, and her brief stay at the hospital.)


Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right, I COULD make a GOOD comment about you and crying, but I won't. Just think also how emotional Oma always was and crying and of course there is your oldest sister too. Granny

Goedi said...

As always, I am grateful for the restraint demonstrated by you.