Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Presidential plans

The Daily News had this cover (which won't upload, for some reason, sorry. check back later. Something about Presidential Plans Left in Hotel Room), which struck my eye at the grocery store this afternoon. The New York Times has this headline somewhere in the paper: Political Paper Stolen, Giuliani Camp Says.
Okay, reply the Daily News people, so maybe it was left in a hotel room that Giuliani never stayed in, and maybe it was left by people we paid to bring us said papers, but our headline is 100% true.
When I read the headline, I didn’t think it was big news that Giuliani was going to try for a presidential bid. Silly me. And, because of my assumptions, I was wondering what might be in the document. Plan A: get the most votes. Plan B: swing an electoral college thing, maybe combined with Supreme Court support.
Turns out the plan is 140 pages long. Of course I forgot the most important plan. Raise funds. Raise more funds and raise some funds and just for kicks, raise some funds. That runs on for about 139 pages. Then comes the stuff about winning votes.
Oh, yeah, and something about the ex-wife and the former aide. So maybe just a paragraph about winning some votes, hopefully the majority. But if not, that’s not a problem, as history has shown.

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