Monday, January 08, 2007

Madge Monday

Poor Madge. Julie is out of town for a week, and it’s really getting to Madge. The fact that Julie left early Saturday bothered her more than anything, I think.
On top of it all, she now has a fever (I believe it’s Coco’s from last week which is probably GrandJohn’s from the week before, but don’t tell or he’ll just feel guilty). So she’s home now, as is Coco because I don’t really know how to get him to school in the rain with a sick Madge in tow. She resents his being home, so everything is wonderful right now, thanks for asking.
It should get better soon, though. When the fever goes away, she’ll be more herself, I think. Of course I don’t know what came first, missing mommy or getting sick. Let’s just be optimistic and say it’s the sickness. (Is there a special ring in hell for parents who think that the better solution is a sick child? As the saying goes, a child in bed is worth two climbing the walls. Or some such thing.) Now I’ve got another problem. Should I give her some medicine and have her become more active (and demanding) or withhold the medicine and leave her a bit whiny, yet lethargic?
Oh don’t tell me, fellow parents, that you haven’t relished having a sick child on your hands who stays in bed and out of your hair.
But, oh, the guilt.
Medicine it is.


Devra said...

sometimes the medicine makes them groggy too and it's a win/win.

Trent said...

Ha! That's a good one.

Anonymous said...

It's a sure thing that a child in bed gets the parents (or in this case the dad) up the walls. Just remember Medicine also helps get the child well so she can go back to school sooner. Granny