Sunday, November 05, 2006

TV, but only sort of

Okay, Jen, here's the deal.
We do have a TV, but only since two weeks ago, when our movie-playing laptop finally died.
It stood us in good stead. But, more than a year ago, the battery failed. Then the power cord went out. And finally the kids were stronger than the disc loading tray. R.I.P.
So we got a TV and a DVD player instead.
I'm still being stubborn and have not set any channels on the thing. Nor have I upgraded our internet cable to include TV cable as well.
We're still holding out, in other words.
We watch Seinfeld episodes from the lovely DVD set I got for my birthday.
(A selfless gift from my loving wife.)


Jen said...

OK, OK. I thought I saw a chink in the armor, but I was wrong. I'll go back to feeling truly inferior.


Yai Yai said...

Wow, you've been holding out on the grandparents!!!!!!!!!! A TV and DVD player...... whooo hoo!
We'll come prepared at Christmas...