Thursday, November 09, 2006

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Here is the kind of entry I'd rather not be writing, but it slipped out. It's Thursday, so I have my post-limerick lethargy. Forgive me.

Madge is at a play date and Coco fell asleep on the way home, so now I’m not sure what to do with myself. Ordinarily I’d try to nap, too, but I need to be awake to pick up Madge.
Isn’t my life hard?
I could read, since that’s a quiet activity that wouldn’t wake up the little guy – who got a haircut today and looks extra cute. I’d take a picture, but that might wake him up.
So it’s off to book-land. As always, I’m in the middle of a ton of books and magazines, but I think I’ll go back to the A.J. Liebling I started the other day.
It really is getting impossible to keep up with all the projects I begin.
I figure when what I’m doing feels like homework, it’s time to do something else. Because we don’t have actual TV, watching DVDs can feel like homework, too. “Well, netflix sent it, so now I have to watch it.”
But you know what’s liberating? Just turning the thing off and sending it back.
That said, let me tell you about Mr. Klein, a movie with Alain Delon that I watched while Julie was out of town. It’s a good thing she didn’t watch it. Unresolved movies drive her crazy. I’d say the movie is Kafkaesque, but it always shies away from being as metaphorical as that.
Here’s the deal. It’s France, WWII (1942). Alain Delon (Robert Klein – pronounced “clah”) buys art from Jews who are scrounging together money to pay for an escape. He buys low, obviously. After one such transaction, there is a Jewish newspaper at his front door. And the rest of the movie is a non-thriller thriller, trying to prove he’s not Jewish.
There are some great moments in it. But it gets frustrating.
Anyone who’s seen it, send me an email about your impressions.
Do I recommend it? If you like spending two hours saying “what the f--- is going on here?” then, sure.
But there are plenty other movies out there.
Off to read Liebling – an activity which I highly recommend.

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T-bone said...

Don't feel guilty about having time to read and ponder. Remember, the rest of us watch 2+ hours of TV a day. And about 25% of that is commercials. Now THAT's wasting time. Another issue: needing a Coco update.