Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Trash without borders

Coco’s school is part of a very worthwhile program. “A Clean Walk to School” invites us to pick up trash on our way to school in order to become more conscious of our environment and to let us learn that we are part of a community and lots of other good things I can’t think of right now.


I think three- and four-year-olds are a little young for this. I think it was just last week that I asked him to drop the cigarette butt he was exploring or to not put Halloween candy trash in his mouth.
In other words, I’m still having a difficult time making him understand that you don’t just pick up anything you see on the ground. I’d rather not be sending a mixed message at this time.
Not that you think I’m a totally asocial [expletive], I did teach the kids the unwritten urban law that once you touch trash you find on the street it becomes your trash and if you drop it you are the one littering, so you better put it in the trash. Not in your mouth! Here, give it to me, I’ll hold on to it until we get to a trash can.

Now, those middle-school brats at the playground in front of our building are another story entirely. I still think they should make all those who come to class late from recess pick up all the lunchtime trash. With their teeth.

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Anonymous said...

Hey isn't it hard knowing just the right thing to say and do with kids, double conflicts.Picking up trash with their teeth is a little harsh but a GOOD homeroom teacher might think about taking her or his class over to the playground to pick up trash, it only takes a few times and the students don't throw their trash down nor do they let other students do it. Of course there has to be enough trash containers and not all in one spot so there isn't too much conplaining. An anonymous note for the teachers bulletin might just do the trick.
(Once a teacher always a teacher)