Thursday, November 30, 2006

a letter for me, a noble american

[please bear with me as I try something new]

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has sent us all a letter, but I don't think I got mine.
Looks like he's getting his holiday cards out of the way early.
According to the NYTimes, “The call came in the form of a six-page letter in English, […] addressed to ‘noble Americans’…”
Apparently, it was addressed to:
Noble Americans
c/o Occupant
I may have just thrown it away.

I imagine it may have read something like:
Dear Noble American,
You may already have won real estate in Palestine...

There may have been coupons involved, too. I don't know.

No. It was actually published online. That’ll get at the heartland. So it may have been an appeal along the lines of the Nigerian scammers. “My dead husband left me this uranium and I need some help getting it across the borders..."

Actually it's not an email but published in one place, so it's more like he started his own MySpace page.

The NYTimes article also notes, “The letter also employed an inferential, Iranian style of communication that experts say is likely to leave Americans cold.”
But I wouldn’t know about that, I only skimmed the letter provided in the link. There weren’t any pictures or graphs or captions, so I decided to skip it. Now if he were to get himself a cute little spokesmodel…

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