Friday, November 03, 2006

Public displays of tunefulness

Since my mom brought up the Barbershop Quartet days...
Today we've reached a milestone in our kids' growing-up process. Madge now feels embarrassed when I sing in public (and who wouldn't, really).
It used to be that we could be in a restaurant and something like this Javier Solis clip would come on the sound system

and I'd belt out whatever lyrics I remember. (Just to prove I know some: "Quisiero abrir lentamente mis venas, mi sangre toda verterla tus pies" or something like that. Happy stuff.)
And I'd be so proud that the kids wouldn't even flinch (I don't sing quietly).
But today I was humming on the way to school and Madge said, "Shut up."
Ordinarily I'd be shocked at such harsh language. But today I was too busy laughing to reprimand her.
Poor thing. She's in for a lot more embarrassment than that.
At least I sing in tune. Other things I can't guarantee.


Yai Yai said...

She must get it from me...... poor Madgie!

Anonymous said...

I guess one should send you some of the tapes from your singing days in Barbershop, showchoir and musicals to let the kids see how really good you were and I'm sure you still are,(maybe just alittle out of practice). Mama

Goedi said...

You could send tapes, but the kids would probably donate them to a museum. We don't have any technology in the house that actually plays tapes (well, one).