Thursday, November 16, 2006


I usually cut up magazines for future inspiration. Either to practice adding captions or for collages.
Last night, for some reason or another, I was "fun daddy" again. We just finished banging on pots and then using them as basketball hoops when I decided to slow things down and cut up a magazine. While doing so I had the idea of using pictures from the magazines for posing. (Partially, I was inspired by something I saw Demetri Martin do on Comedy Central's Motherload.)
I think I'm on to something here, so I made a set on Flickr, which I'll keep public and add to as inspiration strikes us.
I can't wait to do more, but the kids lost interest because they have a hard time planning their poses (as you'll be able to see in the set). Still, I enjoy it, so we'll be doing more.

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