Tuesday, November 07, 2006

TV, again

Jen, Jen, Jen.
There are plenty of chinks in our armor. TV is a problem that will never be adequately solved. One thing I am trying to do – and was reminded of it when we had the sleepover – is to get them be able to evaluate movies and shows as good or bad.
See, our sleepover guest seemed quite used to having a TV on as background noise. While the movie was on, she got up and started playing with dolls and Play-Doh. I let it go because she was a guest. But usually I jump on the kids to either watch or turn it off.

Maybe, just maybe, they'll realize that shows and movies are things that are made by people and can be criticized by people. And maybe they'll realize that they could make them too, when they get older and can get their hands on some equipment.
Only once or twice, though, have they admitted that the thing they were watching was actually “bad,” even though you could tell that using “TV” or “movie” and “bad” in the same sentence almost made them blow a mental fuse.
Anyway, today is Election Day, which means the schools are closed (since the schools are the balloting places). How that makes it easier for anyone to get out and vote is a mystery to me. Maybe they don’t want domestic people at the polls.
Julie had her first ever exit poll interview today. Those things aren’t myths, after all.
But my point is, with Election Day, Madge sick with a cold, and Julie out of town for the night, we made a little Tuesday trip to the Video Store.
We’ve already watched Tom and Jerry. Now we’re watching as the Empire Strikes Back at those pesky rebels.


Yai Yai said...

Good thinking to watch movies on your part, Phili.. who knows how they decide when to have school!!!!!!!!!!! Certainly not with input from parents.....

green clementine said...

You realise how bad TV is when you don't understand the people you go out to the pub with, and when they don't understand you...

TV seems to be the most brought up subject in conversation, and I get lost everytime. But I am still proud to admit that I do not have one, even if I get funny looks!

No kids in the house to put pressure on us though!