Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Parenting advice

When a child receives silly putty, make sure that said putty doesn’t go to bed with him. It’s worse than gum because it spreads like peanut butter once it warms up. Then, when it cools again, ick.
And, if you’ve unveiled above wisdom, don’t assume that a lost bit of silly putty is actually led by gravity all the way under the bed.

(Guess who got to extract silly putty from clothing two nights in a row.)


green clementine said...

After some investigation, I now have a vague idea of what "silly putty" is. Sounds fun actually!

Goedi said...

It is fun, or can be. We make it into a funny bouncy ball and we see how far we can stretch it. The packaging advertised that it could lift pictures off of magazines, but we haven't succeeded in doing so. I have the feeling it needs to be faily low-quality newspaper stuff.