Monday, November 13, 2006

Book blurb

As you may know, I listen to the New York Times Book Review podcast every week. It’s really worth while. Now, if I could only figure out how to work for them…
Anyway, toward the end of the podcast, they had a bit about Richard Ford and novelists who review (and pan) his work.

Apparently (according to the story, legend, myth, take your pick) a publicist sent him a copy of a novel for the purpose of a book-jacket blurb. But the novelist had written a negative review of Ford’s book, so Ford had his wife take the book out back and shoot it with a pistol. And then, here’s the kicker, he requested another copy so he could shoot it himself.

Now, if the publicist had been worth his or her salt, the blurb would have come from the phone call requesting the second copy. And the book jacket would have said something like,
“…gratifying…a blast…” R. Ford.


Anonymous said...

I'll be nasty- ever hear of job applications? it never hurts to try.

Goedi said...

Nope. Never heard of them. Do they grow on trees or roam the oceans?
I'm kidding, of course. I was under the impression the applications happen in response to a job posting. Since I haven't found one of those, I'm going to send them a letter. See what happens.