Saturday, November 04, 2006

Eavesdropping, part 2

Really, there should be a transcript of the whole event, with smellovision, because they're in the middle of putting on make-up, lotion, and perfume.
And man, Liberace was a force of understatement compared to 7-yr-old girls.

But, really, I just checked in again because I'm still musing about Madge's form of innocence.
What I'm trying to say is that I attempt to give her some form of knowledge without making her think that it is in any way unusual.

So, for example, when we were watching a Seinfeld episode on DVD, and Madge asked, apropos of the dialogue,
"What's a leaky condom?"
I answered, "Well, funny YOU should ask."

I'm just kidding. She was planned. And I wasn't even there. For the Seinfeld episode, I mean. Julie watched that episode with Madge without me. I hear she handled it brilliantly.


Jen said...

OK, hang on. Since when did you guys start watching TV? Given Joe's currently unlimited appetite for TV, I am in awe that you managed to limit Madge's consumption to weekend movies when you lived in Minneapolis. But you caved. Whew! I can feel a tiny bit less inadequate.

Yai Yai said...

And I'm grateful YOU have to answer Madgie's questions!