Thursday, November 02, 2006


Or, Hallowe'en.
Turns out our neighborhood is great for this unholy day.
Brownstones are nice and eerie anyway. People deck them out with some extra spider webs and everyone’s ready to go. Dry ice machines, however, seem to be the items that scare our kids the most.
There was a parade that we missed on purpose (because we were exhausted by then), but we did see the free puppet show in front of someone’s house (neon-colored puppets wielded by people in black suits and made extra eerie by black-light).
The loot was plentiful, but the quality… Let’s just say, we let the kids keep more than usual. The parental candy tax was on the light side.
My favorite part was that we ran into quite a few people that we knew. It really helps to have the kids in school in the neighborhood – and, unlike our SF neighborhood, to have so many English-speaking neighbors (as opposed to Mandarin-, Cantonese-, and Russian-speaking ones).
Of course, the balmy evening didn’t hurt either.
I hope it’s an annual thing.

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Anonymous said...

Yes isn't Halloween fun glad you had nice weather. Here it rained but I went anyway with Pepe and a friend of his using umbrellas to keep us dry and then having to untangle the dumb things from rose bushes and fences since kids are small and can't hold the umbrellas up that high ( or is it that they are just too excited to ´see what loot they will get and don't pay any attention to surroundings)