Friday, November 10, 2006

old-school blog followup

Writing what I did yesterday, I didn’t realize what I was setting myself up for.

“Post-limerick lethargy” – When bedtime rolled around, I fell asleep in my clothes next to Coco. At least I saved myself the time getting dressed this morning.

“Madge on a play date” – Nary had I walked a block towards picking her up that I received a phone call from the other mom. Madge was wondering when we would come to get her. We are psychically connected or something. The reason I was a little late follows.

“Reading A.J. Liebling.” – As soon as I hit “Publish Post” Coco woke up. And I believe he has growing pains because occasionally he’ll whine for long stretches of time about his knees hurting him. Oddly, a band-aid (properly themed, of course) will fix the matter, but it still returns sporadically. Then, when he finally calmed down and we went to pick her up (it took quite a while because, well, I was concerned and he was still sleepy and whiny and [BLEEP]ing frustrating) and we all came home and I thought, “Well, maybe now you can read a little,” I couldn’t find the book.
It has since been found, thanks for your concern.

Finally, I do find it odd that, when a quiet moment comes along, I’m usually too stunned to appreciate it or do something with it. So much energy goes into creating five minutes of calm that my brain is too fried and frazzled to remember what on earth I wanted to do when I “finally had some time to myself.” Then, when I do remember, I forget which of the seventeen-thousand, three-hundred and fifty-two items I wanted to do first.

It’s like opening a cupboard and forgetting what you were looking for, then remembering that your shoe has been untied for the last ten minutes and then whacking your head on the open door when you unbend from tying it.

Not that that has ever happened to me.

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