Friday, August 11, 2006

Where's my supersuit?

For the sake of domestic tranquility I’ll change the names of the innocent in the following vignette.

Queen Bee: Have you seen my [uh, um] polyester jump suit?
Half-dozing Drone: No. I think it’s on the floor by the bed.
Queen Bee: It’s not there. Help me look.
Half-dozing Drone: Hmph.
[Half-dozing drone, to the sound of a plaintive Purcell lament, drags his sorry stinger-less behind out of the comfy hive and buzzes ineffectively around the apartment – I mean, uh, tree]
Queen Bee: Oh. I found it.
Half-dozing Drone: Where was it? On the floor? By the bed?
Queen Bee: Yes, but it was hidden –
Half-dozing Drone: - under that clear, see-through plastic toy?
Queen Bee: Yes.
[Queen Bee finishes dressing.]
Queen Bee: Wait. Was that supposed to be funny?
Dozing Drone: Sorry.

You had no idea who it was, right? I’m a master of disguise, like Inspector Clouseau.

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