Thursday, August 10, 2006

fitness company

My sister-in-law is starting a fitness company. Good for her. She’s got the mind and dedication to do it.
She asked me to come up with a name. Hm.
The first thing that came to mind was the easy
Booty Camp. We sweat the details while you sweat your tails off.
But the name is already in use (too easy, as I said), so I went to the Thesaurus for inspiration and found some choice words that would make a great Dickensian character: Eupepsia Fettle.
Can’t you just see her? In a dusty old gym, using medicine balls and those bowling pin juggling pin dealies – what are they called when used for a workout? Indian clubs (I looked it up). She probably has a son lost at sea and overcomes her misery by keeping a fit attitude toward life – of course he returns and is almost shipwrecked off the coast but she is strong enough to haul the boat to shore.
Anyway, names:
Can I Get a Fitness?
Saturated Slims
Burn up, not out.
Toned and honed, not big-boned.
Let the workout raise your heart rate, not the billing.
Okay, here’s a serious one:
Personal Best

As a matter of fact, I think it's so good that unless you're my sister-in-law you might as well call your company I-had-a-great-name-but-got-sued-by-some-schmo-blogger-from-Brooklyn-who-claims-to-have-thought-it-up-first Fitness Co.

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