Saturday, August 12, 2006

Met G and S in NYC

This picture is my homage to one of our great friends in San Francisco. We met him (he always reminds me of a young Frank Sinatra, only cooler and with a better sense of humor) and his husband (who looks like a model, but with character – really, you’d have to hate them both if they weren’t so darn nice) today at Union Square and had a great time.
I did, at least.
Enough sugary stuff.
Here’s why I love this thing. First off, it IS a cute way to get rid of the icky dish-soap bottle that usually clutters the sink. But the best part (for me) is that when I saw him use it in his house and commented on it, he said, “Oh, that thing? [snort (his laugh/snort is a national treasure)] Martha Stewart. I’m sure EVERY fag in the city has it.”
Of course his bottle is better looking than mine. He takes the time for details, so I’m sure he’d scrape off the tacky labels. But, hey, what can I say – I can only take the metro thing so far and then my laziness kicks in.

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