Monday, August 14, 2006


My birthday was today, as it is every year around this time. No need to congratulate or send gifts, but there are some highlights of the day.
First off, I think I managed to keep the sugar high under control, which made for a fairly calm day.
But my two planned events (by planned I mean that I thought of them five minutes before we left the house) didn’t go quite as (see beginning of sentence).
I thought we’d have a Thai lunch special at the place where the proprietress is in love with Coco (who calls her the Cookie Lady – I wonder why). They’re closed Mondays. So we had bagels. That is, I had a bagel while the kids fed theirs (after I made them lick off the cream cheese first) to the swans, geese, and ducks on the lake where we were going to rent a pedal boat. But (see Thai place). Maybe the Cookie Lady chartered all the pedal boats for an outing. Instead, I had a nice walk, while the kids dozed.
I know everyone’s curious, so I’ll go ahead and say it: the loot was great. I got some guitar music (I got a guitar for father’s day – turns out some people appreciate my efforts), but I didn’t get to play much because Buzz Lightyear had to patrol the fretboard to make sure my intonation and wobbly fingering posed to danger to the galaxy.
When Julie came home we dug into the cake, which had a musical candle. (Really the candle HOLDER is musical, but they market is as a musical candle.) Coco confiscated the holder and candle right after it was used. First he licked off the frosting. Then he wanted it relit, so we could do it again using other names. No problem. Then he wanted it relit to make Buzz Lightyear fly just like Sid.
So we explained to him that Sid was a bad kid and …
Coco went straight to his room and wrote some stuff in a notebook entitled “Material for Analyst or Memoir.”
And I went to the blog.

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