Tuesday, August 08, 2006

M Fable

The Mouse and the Moral

A mouse ran into a moral and complained. “You always manipulate me, just to make your point. First I’m typecast as something small and timid and then I’m set to do something extraordinary like help a huge animal in distress. Can’t you just leave me alone?”
To which the moral answered, “I wish I could. At least you have a variety of roles. Predictable, sure, but usually you come out looking good or upstaging the larger creatures. I have no choice. I always get trotted out to make a tale more palatable for those who like to assign readings.”
“I understand,” the mouse said. “But couldn’t you just let me be myself?”
“I’ll try,” answered the moral.
Just then a cat came along, trapped the mouse, toyed with it for a while, and, tired of that activity, ate it.
The moral hung its head and sighed.

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xineymarie said...

i really missed the fables. though i will always love the inchworm one best, simply because it was so easy to memorize. (c: