Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Fables are back

Okay, I’m back on the Fable track again. You've missed them, haven't you. Basically, I’m doing it because of Lessing’s book of fables. Specifically this one (pardon the stiff translation).

Bk.I, Nr. 9, The Steed
Upon a fiery steed proudly fled an impertinent boy. Thereupon a wild steer cried to the steed: Shame! I would not let myself be ruled by a boy!
But I, replied the steed. For what sort of honor would it bring me to throw off a boy?

It haunts me, especially since I run into this dilemma every day with the kids. On the one hand, I feel that they run all over me. On the other hand, I would feel terrible to really let loose on them. I’m pretty mean already, sometimes.
To both sides I can only say, “But…”

So that’s what I’m hoping to achieve in my fables. Two equally compelling sides, with the seemingly incorrect one emerging triumphant. Or is it better to be a wild steer than a fiery steed?

Suppose, for example, that your country’s infantile elected leader were riding the country like a madman. Would it be shameful to topple him, because, after all, he’s just an idiot?

Or does the image not apply to that specific situation because there is someone with a shotgun (pardon the cheap shot) ready to take control of the steed one the boy is thrown?

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