Sunday, August 06, 2006

We did it

Fresh Direct.
I suspect
Their marketers are shrewd.

They reflect.
Then deflect
With “It’s about the food.”

I’ll inject
By claiming they are crazy.

I expect
I’m correct
With “It’s about the lazy.”

Yep, we ordered out groceries to be delivered to the house. But, because I waited for the kids to be asleep before I finalized the order - and because I read and played guitar and surfed the web and procrastinated in any other way I could think of - I missed the 11pm deadline for the next day's delivery.
Net result: Coco was better and we could have gone out but now had to stay in the apartment to wait for the truck to arrive.
Irony is a busy god.
The kids didn't care, though, they'd gotten used to staying home and watching movies. Something it's been hard to break this weekend. Wish me luck for the coming week.
I have mixed feelings about my Fresh Direct order. It worked fabulously, of course. And after a few orders, I’m sure I’ll be able to figure out which items are a good value and which aren’t and how to maximize what they do. Clearly, since we don’t have a car, I’ll do best to have them schlep the heavy (drinks, watermelon) and the bulky (toilet paper) things. Fresh items I’ll order by phone from Union Market or even pick up myself.
See, here’s where the mixed feelings come in. There are a few activities that let me feel productive and yet let me get away from the kids. One of them used to be washing dishes, which I didn’t mind because of this fact, but now that we have a dishwasher, I’m not going back. The other is going shopping when the kids don’t want to (which seems to be more frequent of late), which means that I wait until Julie gets home, strap on the iPod and set out into the wild to forage.
If I could substitute these activities with other child-free things I’d give them up without qualms, but as it is, I just don’t know. Still, I think the indulgences are winning.
Next step, tattoo. What do you say?Then I’ll figure out how to flush a twenty down the toilet without breaking out in tears.

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xineymarie said...

'twas a tattooed lady who recommended fresh direct to you, actually. :)

you could take up running as a kid-free activity, but i'm not sure if something that's just for your own betterment (not the family's) would feel as 'productive'...

perhaps gardening? invest in a plot in one of those cute little neighborhood gardens i keep hearing about people in brooklyn having, and grow veggies for your family's delight (and flowers for julie's -- though i don't know if she's a flower gal -- i should, but i don't)?