Monday, June 12, 2006

World Cup, Part Two

So, it happened again.
I go to pick up the kids from school (an early day for Madeleine. For some reason the NY school system thinks parents need to get a head start on having kids at home all the time by giving them days off, extra-curricular school events, and half-days) and come home at 12:15. So far, so good. I find the live stream of the soccer game and, boom, it's already 1:0 (for the Czech Republic, in case you don't keep up with these things. It's a country in central Europe).
But I'm watching it anyway.
For those of you keeping track of my parenting skills, I'll have you know that the kids are right here, safely watching a -
Wait, where are the kids?
Oh, the second half is starting.
I'll go find them later.

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