Wednesday, June 28, 2006

T & A

On the way to school today (last day of school – wish me luck), we walked by a van. The writing on the van announced, “T & A Carpentry.”
I figured, hey, sign me up (though I feared they might just make nautical figureheads), when around the van stepped a dyke-ish looking woman in her twenties. A twist in the plot.
So (knowing that some of my dear readers seem to have a burning “need to know”) I asked, “What do the initials really stand for?”
And the answer I got was, “Yes,” accompanied by a confused look. The accent of the “yes” was eastern European. I’d say Polish, but it could have been any of the temporarily German, not-so-temporarily Soviet territories.
I asked again, but that only resulted in more confusion.
Too bad.
Of course Madge then asked what T & A stands for.
I told her and got a blank stare, since she doesn’t know the word “tits” (“bits?” she asked) and she doesn’t recognize the word “ass” as a body part, only as a pronoun for a political leader.
Then I translated and said, “Boobies and Butts,” and she laughed.
But, you know, “Boobies and Butts” sounds less like a carpentry company and more like a law firm I’d like to be represented by.

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