Monday, June 05, 2006

Wasted Weekend Movie

Fred Astaire. Did he ever look young?
We saw Easter Parade last night. Any movie with Fred Astaire seems to have this flaw: we are supposed to believe that women could easily fall in love with him.
I just don’t know. Don Knotts, sure, at least he works with the way he looks. Fred Astaire, though, looks the same, but talk about a man in denial. I feel like a lemming if I were to say he dances well. Sure, he has moves and he floats, sort of. But talk about superfluous.
Now I understand that I, as a viewer of a musical, complicitly agree that plot is not my number one concern. But, please, let the dance numbers do something.
And that bit about dancing up and down stairs? I’m sure it is difficult, but I have yet to see a dancer – other than happy tapping Elmo, of course – convey some sense of purpose to doing the stair thing. Maybe, just maybe, have a few dancers fall on their faces trying to do it. If everyone can do it, what’s the point? Like breakdancers doing the headspin thingie. Sure, I bet it’s hard. But others have done it, and, honestly, it doesn’t do much, aesthetically. Difficulty shouldn’t enter into it.
Otherwise, why not insert bench-pressing into a dance number? But hey, I was sitting on my oversized derriere rather than trying to come up with some spectacular event of my own.
We only fast forwarded twice through numbers despite groaning a lot.
And don’t tell me Gene Kelly, Aron. He doesn’t really do it, either.
I guess my standards are too high after Footloose.

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