Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Another Father Story/Report

If this story were made up, it would sound too good to be true. But I guess it's the reverse, too true to be good.
Luckily, I wasn't directly involved.
On Saturday (it would only have been better if it had been on Father's Day) we were at a party, a kid-heavy party. There was a TV involved, but that was for the World Cup Addicts. Believe it or not, I didn't watch because I was with Coco, who stayed away from it. He was mostly in the wading pool, naked, the main attraction for the kids (not the naked Coco, the pool).
Anyway, I hear a lot of fuss upstairs and it turns out that a kid, in a room full of males glued to the TV, managed to poop on the floor, undetected.
It was noticed by a mom who was passing through.
The culprit never stepped forward.
Maybe the mom did it.


Anonymous said...

Hey! How come you didn't tell me about that? How did the dads react? And who actually cleaned it up - a mom or dad?

Goedi said...

I also didn't tell you about the kid who spilled Sangria (red) on the wall. That family left soon after. I don't know who cleaned up the poop. I know I didn't. Like I said, I wasn't even near. And I'm sticking with that story.