Friday, June 16, 2006

pros and cons

There’s a joke that goes like this, “If pro and con are opposites, does that mean that congress is the opposite of progress?”
And everyone has a little, superior, yes-doesn’t-government-mess-everything-up chuckle about the state of things.
But there are more words, aren’t there, that alter the supposed antonymity (cool word, huh? I think I just made it up – at least spell-check doesn’t recognize it) of the two when used as prefixes.
What, exactly, is the relation between
constitution, the Constitution and prostitution?

Confound it, that’s profound.

1 comment:

Goedi said...

How about the professional in the confessional? Or the professor as confessor.
Or, more distant, but I wish I could make them go together: conflagration and profligate. I'll mull it over.