Tuesday, June 20, 2006

World Cup Frolics

Let me be the first to predict the headlines after the USA-Ghana game, regardless of the game’s outcome:
Here Today, Ghana Tomorrow
Ghana With The Wind
For-Ghana Conclusion
But, if the US commentators are to be believed, the US team still has a chance. If Italy wins and the US beat Ghana with enough goals and the moons of Jupiter are ascendant in the British House of Lords, then the Supreme Court might be able to sneak them into the next round.

And yesterday, jeesh. I didn’t even want to watch the Spain-Tunisia game. I did the math, after all: Spain-Ukraine 4:0; Ukraine-Saudi Arabia 4:0; Saudi Arabia-Tunisia 1:1. By all accounts it was slotted to be a sparring match for Spain.
when we were getting some ices at the Pizza place I looked at the screen and saw Tunisia 1, Spain 0!
What a game! Of course we hurried home and watched it.

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