Monday, June 26, 2006

stoop sale rejects

Yesterday we were walking along the street and saw a box of stoop sale leftovers. You know, the freebies that nobody wanted to buy, even for a nickel. Since the emotional farewell has already been made, the owner is reluctant to take the unwanted items back into the house, the items are left for anyone to take. Which usually means the sanitation workers when they come around.
In this box, I saw a box of Sudafed, or some such allergy sinus medicine thing.
How do you not just throw that away? Were these people really thinking that someone would a) either buy it or b) pick it out of the box and take the pills later?

Anyone interested in a partly used box of Sudafed? Send me your offers now or it'll go on eBay.

Look. If you suffered from sinus congestion or allergies before October 7, 2002, and are still perhaps visited by bad memories of said allergy or congestion, I have the product for you. It expired right around then.

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