Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sumer is icumen in

Is there some sort of script I’m unaware of?
It’s the first day of summer vacation. The kids actually woke up at a fairly reasonable hour, 7:30 am. No problem. Coco needs to take his medicine at this time anyway. Of course he said he didn’t want to, but that’s just an act nowadays.
But then he said something he’s never said before. “I’n go school.”
Then he shot his whole summer wad at once. “I’n Icee. I’n water balloon. I’n bath.” And so on, increasingly whiny.
It’s like he’d been rehearsing overnight.

Then, at the playground, he started whining again. But, upon inspection, it turned out he had a glass sliver in his (bare – yes, I know, I’m a terrible dad; no children other than mine had their feet unclad) foot.
Luckily – and I don’t know why, I’m just happy he is that way – he held still while I pried it out. Madge never lets me touch any owie she has. Go figure.

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