Friday, June 09, 2006

A day off - for the kids

Today was “Brooklyn Day,” which means I get the kids for the entire day without really knowing what I’m celebrating.
I’m catching on to the New York vibe, though, so we celebrated Brooklyn by going in to Manhattan, to the Children’s Museum.
It appears everyone had the same idea. The place was extremely crowded, but at least we didn’t have to wait in line – or “on” line, as they say here – to get in.
The price of admission is $8 for Children and $8 for Adults. I’m not complaining, but why not save some signage and just say Admission $8? Would that invite too many questions from potential patrons?
Once the trek has been made, they could really charge whatever they want - $20 per kid, $12.95 per (mandatory) accompanying adult – who’s going to resist the whining little ones after such a trip? I don’t think they have too much repeat business anyway other than Upper West Side families with yearly passes (Nannies get added for a small fee).
One floor was closed due to renovation and the outside water-play area was closed, too, because of the rain, of course.
We’re home again, watching Pippi Longstocking with terrible dubbing. Oh, well. We’ll figure out some rain-based activity later.

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