Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Name that tune

I didn't hear the first of the two lines too well. The sounds came from a car passing by.
[female voice]
Mmmm, mmmm, you know I want some.
Chewin' on my p***y like a piece of bubble gum.
Here's the problem. This was right by a playground.
I know, censorship versus discretion.
But the problem is that the line makes me laugh, and when I laugh, Madge invariably asks, "What's funny?"
ha, haah!
Madge is in school.
does anybody know what song this is?

1 comment:

xineymarie said...

"I Know You See It" by Yung Joc. Featuring Brandy "Ms. B" Hambrick.

Unsurprisingly, a Google search revealed that many teens used that very quote as the headers of their MySpace pages...

As for the inappropriateness, kids often don't know things are sexual if they aren't yet familiar with the slang, so it's all good. "Pussy" means cat. And chewing on someone's pet is, indeed, a humorous mental image. The n-words that are supposed to be chewing on said feline, however, might be a little harder to explain.