Friday, September 01, 2006

The Curious Reader Department

I’m having little contact with people lately, mostly because the kids are still recuperating from the trip and would rather remain in the safety of the home. So I actually got to read some of the words in The New Yorker (not just skim the cartoons, or “jokes” – the old-school term for those things).
The New Yorker, aside from articles, reviews, and “jokes,” also has little snarky asides where they print editorial slips (from other publications, of course) in small print in a corner of the page. They call it “From the/In the/The [BLANK] department.” There’s one on page 125 in this week’s New Yorker. Then, on page 129, an article on Bob Dylan has the following:
“The first time Dylan heard the Beatles, he was in a car somewhere and they came on the radio. He almost fell out the window.”
Would it be “The Trailer Park Department” or “The Unsafe at Any Speed Department”?

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