Friday, September 22, 2006

Lookie here

Photography credits: Madge G., 2006
Okay, so picture doesn’t really show it, but the most amazing thing happened to me.
It’s never happened before.
Women are talking to me. Some of them even look at me.
And this is without my having the kids about, mind you. Talking to me. Me.
Usually I get the warmest smiles from women because I happen to have really cute kids. But when the kids are no longer around, I just smile at averted heads. But no more.
It appears that, with my new haircut, I am no longer a hideous beast. All you pretty or otherwise normal people might not find this at all unusual. It is a surprise to me, though. I’m having real conversations, with smiles and everything. I now know four first names to faces I’ve known for almost a year. (Btw., as of this week, we’ve lived in NY for a year.)
I haven’t gotten this many friendly looks since I’ve strolled through the Castro after forgetting to zip up my pants.
Now I just need to lose some weight and I’ll be unstoppable.

No. Wait. That's not the right word; I just looked it up.


JoAnn said...

Love it!! and the photography capability as well........ JAN

Paul said...

Great new lid, dude! But you don't need to lose any weight, crazy kid.