Monday, September 25, 2006

A little quiz

Someone took the time to make this quiz. It tells us something we already know: Computer programmers are as socially adaptable as serial killers, though the serial killers are better dressers. (Both live with their mommies, but serial killers still listen to maternal advice - which is what ultimately drives them around the bend.)
Enjoy. It's quick.
(And it saved me the time of whipping up a whole new blog entry, which would have meant that I'd get to work sooner, if Blogger hadn't been acting up and kept me working away at trying to get this published. Anyway, there's a biting incident I should relate...)


Travis Wellstone said...

Serial killers are fascinating, and nerds are cool too, but who knew it would be so hard to tell them apart...
I'm off to watch CSI Miami now...

Anonymous said...

i got 8 of of ten!


green clementine said...

Got 8 too! One was a trap though, since the guy was a serial killer computer programmer.

I live with a computer programmer, am I in danger?????

Admittedly a VIDEO GAME programmer.
I guess my only hope of survival is that he kills enough people on the screen to get over his natural killing instinct.

Goedi said...

Green Clementine,
I think you're not in danger as long as you have some sort of influence on his personal grooming habits and social skills.
But you make a good point about the intersection of the two groups.
Has your live-in programmer made any video games called "Serial Killer"? In said games, has he used you as a model for the victims?
If so, leave. If not, I think you might be okay.