Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Fashion woes

It’s bugging me, so I’m blogging it. That’s the logic of these things.
My pants. A while ago, I lost some weight. (Some of it found me again, but that’s a different story.) And, as I lost said ballast, I noticed I was stepping on the hems of my pants with the heels of my shoes.
No problem, says adaptable me, when I get new pants, I’ll get them thinner and shorter.
But inseams only come in 2-inch-increments. And now (this has taken a few years, I’m a little dense when it comes to clothing) I’m noticing that my ankles get exposed more than would be acceptable for an 1890’s gal. And that’s just not cool.
So last week I got the longer inseam again. And I’m stepping on my pants again! (The exclamation is not one of joy, but one of frustration.) Does anyone make a 31-inch inseam? Would that help me? I can’t wear shorts all winter, can I? Skirts, then.
Leggings. I’ll bring back leggings. Watch me go.

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