Friday, September 08, 2006

Behind on blogs

The kids are back in school and I need to get used to being behind again.
See, during the break I'd let them watch the occasional (read: daily - but with a healthy portion of guilt) movie, while I could catch up on correspondence and various surfing activities.
Now all that has changed again and I need to figure out when to do what.

Brief parenting dilemma, choices:
a) let Coco swallow his gum
b) play "where might the gum be which is no longer in his mouth"?
(yesterday's answer to b) was "spread out over the carpet" - but don't tell Julie)

Or I could think outside the box and refuse his request for gum when his sister has a piece.
(That, as an explanation for the non-parents among you, is the true joke of this post.)

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