Monday, October 09, 2006


A quickie to offset the lengthy one from before. I’m always surprised when Coco goes through a new phase, because it seems like only yesterday that we went through it with Madge. I figure I’ve outgrown it, so must my children.
But no.
Coco, now that he talks more and feels more secure using words, has started asking, “Why?”
About everything.
Luckily, I have a tried and true way of beating this system. I just start explaining. And I keep explaining. Okay, it’s more tried than true.
Usually I keep explaining until someone who happens to overhear our conversations begins to laugh because they can’t believe the amount of cynicism I’m imparting on my kids. See, my answers to “Why?” tend to be “Because someone made it this way.” “Why?” “Probably because they want money or attention or are making a feeble stab at immortality.” “Why?” “Because they didn’t have supportive parents like me.” “Why?” “Because there’s too many women for the time allotted to me and because I’m faithful to your mommy.” “Why?” “Because she rocks.” And so on and so on. It can really be quite fun. It’s more fun, though, when I hear adults snicker in the background. At home it often ends up like this.
“Will you believe, ‘because I said so’?”
“Will you believe, ‘because this five dollar bill says so’?”

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