Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Why, again

Coco's been dressing himself for about a week now. He says, "Go 'way, Daddy," and then he emerges fully clothed, more or less. In his own style, of course.
Sometimes he gets caught up in his underpants because he uses what would be the hypotenuse on a right triangle as a leg hole.
This morning he got stuck while getting on his pants and I noticed that he tried to avoid the underwear problem by simply not wearing any.
I told him, "You need to wear underpants."
He said (all together now), "Why?"
And I said, "Uh, um, eh, ah, to support the Fruit of the Loom stockholders?"
He looked at me blankly and I decided to join his team.
Why not?
What have I got to lose?
Well, it turns out that, in autumn, stone benches get really cold. And now I have a reason.

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Anonymous said...

Told this to a friend and she laughed and said that always happens to boys, just wait until the first time he get his zipper on you know what and it's back to elastic around the top pants. Mama