Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Warm and Toasty

Coco and I had a brief excursion to the toy store today. We're thinking of getting a partner Tamagotchi so we can have them play together.
No, I'm not getting into it at all.
At the toy store, I saw a mug. It's the Global Warming Mug. It's a blue mug with a map of the world on it, with some Mercator fudging, of course. Apparently, when you put a warm liquid in the mug, you can "watch the coastlines disappear."
Now, let me ask you, isn't it hard enough to face the day without humanity's guilt staring in your puffy, squinty face? Isn't the whole point of waking up in the morning that you at least delude yourself for a while that you have a tiny fresh start?
Guess what I don't want for Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

You don't need to worry, you wouldn't be getting one from me. AG