Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Daumier, again

I can't seem to get the Alt gr thing to work, mostly because I can only find Alt without the gr. Where's the gr? Anyway, I was going to show off my new accent aygu prowess, but to no avail.
I found this great Daumier picture (engraving, I think) and am posting it in honor of my friend P who is in Russia right now and, I believe, will be in St. Petersburg, where this picture is located (at the Hermitage). I'm jealous.

Look at the picture. Don't you just want to know what's going on on stage? (And how much the person who is not in his or her - probably his, though - seat is kicking himself for going to the bathroom at this point?)

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green clementine said...

My alt gr is on the right-hand side of the space bar. but maybe keyboards are different on the other side of the Atlantic?

If you have a word processor, you could write accents by inserting special characters, but it takes time. This is what I have to do at work when writing in foreign languages.