Sunday, October 01, 2006

Coco Skywalker

We decided it would be okay to let the kids watch Star Wars. And it was. Though the reactions weren't quite what we had anticipated.
We saw the movies in this order: V, IV, VI, I. Today we will watch III. I is so bad that even a 7-yr-old and a 3-yr-old have no patience for it. Madge thought it was boring and Coco was too distraught over the death of "the orange guy" (the Sith) to talk about it.
The reason we started with the prequel at all - Julie and I had watched I and II before (I drew the line at III) and tried to get the kids to believe us about the prequel's lack of interest - was that Madge had noticed something at the end of VI. She had noticed that the ghosts of Yoda and Obi-Wan are ghosts of old people, but the ghost of Darth Vader is the ghost of a young person. So we told her about Anikin and she got curious, as she ought. The idea is pretty cool. And the only explanation (other than that they didn't want to show a ghost with nothing but a disfigured head) was that Anikin had really "died" at a young age and that his existence as Vader was a sort of limbo.
So we'll watch III tonight to see how it turns out.
Coco doesn't ask questions about movies (yet). He just reenacts scenes as best he can. I downloaded the Star Wars theme from iTunes and put it on a CD for him. Here's what he came up with. There was no prompting from us, I swear.


JoAnn said...

What an adorable little boy! YaiYai

xineymarie said...

my two-year-old nephew is VERY into vader -- frigteningly into him. he also likes yoda, and cried when i pointed out to him that yoda is a good guy and is thus against darth vader.

one night it took me FOREVER to get him to sleep -- he's always very frustrated when you make him go to bed, even when he's obviously exhausted. after singing all the usual soothing songs, i had a brainstorm. "the imperial march" (hummed sweet and low) was what finally did the job.

i'm worried.

Goedi said...

Coco had some internal conflicts watching the movie, too. But ultimately he was happy that Luke was "the winner."
As to singing the theme: guess why I downloaded the theme from iTunes. Yep, I got tired of singing it. And Coco didn't appreciate the (Bill Murray as) Nick the Lounge Singer lyrics that I added.

john norris said...

Ok, Phili -- Now you are into CUTE stuff with Coco Skywalker!

Your sense of humor is amazing -- I think you ought to send the insurance bit to every company, every hospital, every lab, and every doctor that takes part in this overcomplicated, convuluted system! Go Phili!

Trent said...

Philipp--we miss you! We rented Star Wars for Joe based on this post. I think maybe he wasn't old enough, or smart enough, or something. So we are back to Clifford the Big Red Dog and things like that. Even Clifford scares him occasionally. Fragile boy. We'll try again next year. Coco is awesome.