Thursday, October 26, 2006

Pelican Treat

This story is not for the faint of heart.
It looks like something out of "Finding Nemo" meet "Valiant." Cute animation stuff.
But no, the pelican is not offering the pigeon a ride. The pelican, it appears, has become a bit tired of a steady diet of fish and, ignoring the commentary of the bystanders, has decided to give a bit of pseudo-cannibalism a chance.
The real question is, why did the pigeon not try to escape? Had the pigeon seen too many movies? Was it suicidal?
In Germany, there is a law about "unterlassene Hilfestellung." If you stand by a crime and don't offer assistance, you're guilty, too. I don't know, but there may be something in Germany's history that made people decide to make it a law.
What were the other pigeons doing?
There aren't any pigeon droppings on the pelican's head. It's the least his friends could have done.

No, I'm changing my verdict. The pelican was giving the pigeon a lift. But the pigeon kept criticizing his flying.


markus :-) said...

perhaps the pigeon did not have any friends. it is black after all and the pelican is white. perhaps the pigeon was an evildoer and the pelican the knight in shining armor. the UK is at war, too...

markus :-) said...

just realized I made history by providing my first intellectual contribution to a blog.

...permitting Goedi is kind enough to approve of the comments :-)

a small step for me, a minute step for mankind...

Anonymous said...

Great picture and good comments, this is one for Jannik and Tina will make him read it.